How to let tiger head jasmine explode basin, how can ability blossom more?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Borage is a very beautiful flower, its flower language is witty, smart, a symbol of smart, smart people, with a flexible mind, can be given to the side of a very smart person, to appreciate his witty and sensitive thinking, but also hope to follow him. In addition to this flower language, there is also a flower language meaning of courage, which can represent a kind of courage and courage, can be used to give people who reach out to adversity, through the meaning of this flower, to encourage them out of the plight of life.

1. how to make the tiger head jasmine explode

1. Provide a suitable environment: If you want the tiger head jasmine to grow well and quickly and explode smoothly, you need to provide it with a suitable environment for its growth.Specifically, it is to use nutrient-rich, soft soil to breed it.At ordinary times, it should be placed in a breeding environment of 20-30 C, and more light should be provided to it.The best light is scattered light, not too strong, so as not to burn it.

2. Reasonable water and fertilizer supply: When raising it, water and fertilizer management should be carried out scientifically.Usually, we should water it in time and not let it lack water.But if the soil is not dry, do not water it first, so as not to let it be waterlogged.When it is in the growing season, some nitrogen-containing compound fertilizer should be applied every 2-3 weeks.This can provide it with the right amount of water and nutrients, which is very good for it.

2. how can tiger head jasmine blossom more

The flowering of G. humilis needs the support of temperature and light.Keep it in a warm environment of 20-30 degrees Celsius, and let it receive sufficient sunshine to facilitate its flowering.It also needs some nutrient support to blossom.Adding phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to it several times near the flowering stage can provide sufficient nutrients to help it blossom more flowers.

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