Narcissus bulb preservation methods, how to select Narcissus bulbs.

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It has a relatively high requirement for light, and it can not be exposed to light. Maintenance should be placed in the place of astigmatism foot, more sunshine can promote vigorous growth. Once the lack of light is easy to grow in vain, it will also affect flowering. If there is a lack of light during flowering, the flowering period will end earlier. In addition, do not expose to the sun. Especially in summer, the hot sun must be avoided, otherwise it is easy to sunburn.

a method of ball preservation

1. Preservation in a dry place: After the flowers have withered, the seed bulbs can be taken out, and then the withered leaves of the flowers of the daffodils are cut off, the dry root system is removed, and the soil on the surface is removed.Preparing sterilizing solution, soaking the narcissus in the sterilizing solution for a short time, putting the narcissus in a cool and ventilated place, and drying the moisture on the surface of the seed ball.When the seed bulbs are dry, they can be wrapped in newspaper and stored in a low-temperature dry environment.This method is very common and can be applied to hydroponic and soil culture seed balls.

2. Deep soil burial: For soil-raised daffodils, they can also be preserved by deep soil burial.Apply enough base fertilizer in the soil, bury the bulbs deep in the fertile and loose soil, and wait until the new leaves grow out, which requires appropriate topdressing.

2. How to choose

1. Observe the appearance: First observe the appearance of the seed ball, select the seed ball with bright skin and brown color, and see if there is any wound and any sign of decay.It should be a little bigger, with clear and clean lines and obvious root system under it.

2, feel with the hand: Touch with the hand can feel flexibility, more full, substantial, feel more hard, not dry shriveled, shriveled.


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