Narcissus hydroponic how to breed, how long water can bloom.

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Cyclamen cold resistance is not high, can not be placed outside the winter. And that bud grow in winter, which is the blossom stage. If it is placed outside, it will be frostbitten and affect flowering. It should be moved to a warm place indoors, and the temperature should be controlled between 15 and 18 degrees. At this time, the amount of fertilizer needed is large, and a proper amount of fertilizer should be supplemented. It likes light, the winter light is very soft, more to bask in the sun. In addition, but also a proper amount of water, see dry watering, so that it will be safe through the winter.

1. How to breed in hydroponics

1. Adequate sunshine: Narcissus has a high requirement for light, and cannot be without sunshine, which will affect the growth, weaken the growth, and make it difficult for the flowers to open.During maintenance, about 8 hours of light should be provided every day to synthesize nutrients to maintain normal growth.But can not see strong light, avoid direct light burn plant.

2. Suitable temperature: Narcissus likes cold climate environment, and the temperature in the growth environment should be controlled at about 10-15 , which is conducive to growth.

3. Change the water regularly: When the narcissus is cultivated in water, the water quality is required to be clean. It is difficult to grow normally in the turbid and unclean water, which will breed bacteria and cause many subsequent problems. Therefore, the water should be changed regularly.

4. Proper fertilization: In the period of rapid growth, nutrient solution can be applied every one to two weeks, which can promote better growth.

5. Maintain ventilation: The growth environment must be well ventilated so that the air can circulate normally, which can prevent the breeding of pests and diseases and is beneficial to the growth.

2. how long water can blossom

Narcissus in the maintenance, as long as the surrounding environment is suitable, almost 25-30 days can blossom, if the environment is not suitable, may be two months to blossom.


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