Can the daffodil be cultivated in soil? The soil cultivation method of daffodil

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Plant ash is the main source of potassium fertilizer, and contains more calcium, but often alkaline, so it can not be applied to acid-loving flowers, more suitable for acid-loving flowers, such as pink, geranium, rose, tamarisk, Amorpha, ash and various vegetables. In addition, plant ash is also suitable for raising neutral flowers, which are not strict with soil acidity and alkalinity, as long as the amount of application is not much, such as tulips, hyacinths, Daphne, daffodils, calendula and most other flowers.

1. Can soil be cultivated

Narcissus is very common in daily life, most of them are hydroponic maintenance, in fact, Narcissus can be soil culture, which is also one of the maintenance methods.Soil-cultured daffodils also have benefits, providing fertile and nutritious soil for cultivation and maintenance, giving more nutrients, daffodils will grow more vigorously, leaves and flowers will be more beautiful.

2. Soil Culture Method

1. Preparation of soil: Before soil cultivation of narcissus, soil should be prepared first, and it must meet the requirements of looseness, ventilation, good drainage, rich humus, etc. Such soil can meet the needs of growth, not only supplement nutrition, but also make the seed ball breathe freely.

2. Seed ball treatment: Before soil culture planting, the seed ball should be treated well, the old skin on the surface of the bulb should be removed, then the old root part should be cut off, and the carbendazim solution should be soaked for disinfection.

3. Planting seed balls: Comb the soil well, and plant the seed balls of the daffodils into the soil. Do not plant all the seed balls into the soil, and most of the seed balls are exposed out of the soil.

4. Rooting and maintenance: After planting the bulbs, water them thoroughly in time, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place. They will take root in about a week.After rooting, we should not relax management, move to a place with good light, control the temperature below 25 degrees, and water after the soil dries.


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