How to fertilize daffodil

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to make the leaves of flowers greener, you can wipe the leaves with beer, usually before wiping the leaves, you have to open the bottle of beer and deflate it for half a day to get rid of the alcohol. Then dilute it with 10 times of water, dip in the diluted beer with a soft cloth, wipe the leaves of the flowers one by one, and wipe them once a half month. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can also be sprayed on the leaves of flowers, usually diluted 1000 times with water, and sprayed on the leaf surface of plants every half month to promote the leaves of plants to be green and shiny.

1. the correct way to water

1, frequency: Narcissus for hydroponics, for soil culture of Narcissus, watering is also very important, you can water every two or three days or so.Specific watering frequency should be adjusted according to seasonal changes, it is necessary to maintain sufficient water in the soil, not to make the plant dry, and timely watering after the soil is dry.

2. Water quantity: When watering each time, the water quantity must be well controlled to ensure that it can be watered thoroughly. It is not allowed to water only half of the time, and it is also noted that there should be no water accumulation.

3. Water temperature: When watering, the water temperature is also very critical. The temperature of the water should be almost the same as the room temperature. In winter, do not use too cold water. Otherwise, it will cause frostbite on the roots and cause problems in the growth of daffodils.

4. Water quality: When watering daffodils, you can choose rainwater, river water, well water, river water, etc. The requirement for water quality is not high, and you can also use tap water after standing.

2. how to fertilize

Fertilization should be applied according to the growth period of daffodils. In the rapid growth stage, fertilization must be applied in time to supplement the nutrients needed for growth.In addition, before and after flowering, the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be increased appropriately to maintain the need for flowering.A special fertilizer suitable for daffodils can be used, and a compound fertilizer with balanced elements can also be used.


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