Can hydroponic daffodil see sunshine, daffodil other maintenance method

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The south balcony is the best place for lighting conditions in the home, and it is the most suitable plant for raising the sun. For example, rose, jasmine, Bougainvillea, Milan, bowl lotus, are sun-loving plants, even if the summer does not shade, these five plants still grow. In addition, geraniums, clematis, amaryllis and chrysanthemums are also very suitable for raising in Nanyang, as long as they are properly shaded at noon in summer.

1. Can you see the sun & nbsp; & nbsp;

Hydroponic daffodils can see the sun, it is a very light-loving plants, growth and maintenance of light is one of the very important factors.The breeding environment can not be too dark, if there is no sunshine for a long time, it will affect photosynthesis, and can not grow normally, causing the growth of plants to weaken, become spindly, short, the number of flowering is reduced or even difficult to blossom.In the process of daily maintenance, it should be kept in a good position of light, fully exposed to sunlight during the growth period, and full illumination in winter is also possible.

2. Other Curing Methods

1, regular water: for hydroponic daffodils, the survival is the water quality, this factor determines whether the growth is good.Can not always do not change water, water quality is too muddy, then will cause root rot, so should pay attention to the interval time to change water, always keep the water quality clean.

2. Drip nutrition: In addition to daily water change, it is also necessary to properly drip a little nutrient solution when changing water, so as to provide good nutrition and promote the healthy growth of plants.


3. Suitable temperature: Narcissus likes cool climate environment and can not grow in high temperature environment. It should keep the surrounding temperature at about 15 , which is suitable for growth.

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