South Balcony suits what to raise a flower, have what note?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Nepenthes needs both female and male plants to complete pollination, and attention should be paid to the combination of male and female plants when planting. Provide loose and suitable soil, loosen the soil in time to maintain permeability. Nepenthes grow to maintain good moisture, regular watering to maintain good humidity, pay attention to regular spraying, humidity maintained at more than 70%. The temperature is maintained at about 25 degrees to 30 degrees to ensure a certain temperature difference. After fixing a position in maintenance, don't move it casually.

1. what flowers are suitable for the south balcony

The south-facing balcony is the place with the best light conditions in the home, and is the most suitable plant for raising the sun.

1, rose: south to the balcony most suitable for raising rose, light intensity, light for a long time, as long as the attention to good ventilation on the line.

2, jasmine: jasmine sunny, the most suitable for the south balcony conservation, even if the summer exposure are not blocked, full light flowering only more.

3. Bougainvillea spectabilis: Bougainvillea spectabilis has a high requirement for light, and is most suitable to be raised on the south balcony. The stronger the light is, the more beneficial it is to the flowering of the plant.

4, Milan: South to the balcony is also suitable for raising Milan, if the home of Milan flowering, but the flowers are not fragrant, most is the lack of light.

5. Bowl lotus: As an aquatic flower, bowl lotus is a strong positive plant. It must be kept on the south balcony at home. If there is no light, it will not blossom.

In addition to the five flowers described above, such as geranium, clematis, amaryllis, small chrysanthemum, are very suitable for raising in Nanyang.

2. What are the precautions for flower cultivation on the south balcony

1, south balcony illumination condition is best, so the plant that suits to raise happy light most, also because south balcony illumination intensity is big nevertheless, be afraid of the maidenhair fern that bask in so, hydrangea, African violet, arrowroot, cannot raise in south balcony, lest the plant is basked in.

2. In addition, the sunshine on the south balcony is too strong and the temperature is too high in summer. For some plants that like the sun and are afraid of insolation, it is necessary to pull a sunshade net to prevent sunburn and cool down in summer, so as to avoid insolation at high temperature and sunburn or even death of the plants.

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