How to divide the crab cactus into pots and how long to take root after dividing

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The leaves of white palm turn yellow, which is caused by many reasons. If it is caused by low temperature, it is necessary to take good measures to keep warm in winter and move to a warm room after frostbite. If it is caused by strong light exposure, it can be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and proper water spray can promote recovery. If it is caused by improper water and fertilizer, water and fertilizer can be adjusted according to the actual growth needs. If the soil is not suitable, the soil can be loosened regularly to keep the soil acid.

1. How to divide the basin

1. Time of pot division: It is suggested to divide the pot after flowering, usually between April and October, but it is better not to do it again between June and August. The temperature is too high and the plant is in the dormant stage, so it is difficult to recover.It is suggested to do it between April and May.

2. Selection of pot soil: The flowerpot should be made of a material with good permeability, such as a ceramic pot.Soil with sandy loam on the line, it is best to add a proper amount of bone meal or organic fertilizer at the bottom, improve nutrients, promote growth.

3. Replacing steps: Carefully loosen the soil first, and be careful not to damage the root system.Gently dig out the plant and remove the soil.After that, some old roots, dead roots and rotten roots are cut off, disinfected and dried after pruning, and then they can be potted.When potting, spread out its root system, and gently compact the surrounding soil after treatment.

4, late maintenance: After the completion of the pot, it should be watered once, so that the pot soil and plants are wet.Then move to a ventilated and no light place to let it slowly, about a week can resume growth, and then normal management.

Zygocactus japonicus

2. How long to take root after pot division

How long it takes to root after potting depends on the method of potting and later maintenance. Under normal circumstances, new roots can grow in about half a month.But if the environment is not suitable or the method is not right, the rooting time will be prolonged.

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