How to urge flower bud to crab claw orchid, what fertilizer does flower urge use?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When maintaining petunias, use larger pots, maintain good ventilation, and choose sandy loam with nutrients. It is the plant that likes light very much, can raise on the balcony with good light. The temperature suitable for growth is about 15-25 degrees Celsius, and it is kept indoors in winter. Petunias like to be wet and should be watered regularly, paying attention not to use alkaline water. Petunia like fertilizer, potted when the addition of base fertilizer, the growth period of fertilizer every half a month.

1. Pruning

If you want more blooms and more exuberance, you should prune the branches and leaves regularly.It should be in the growth season when the overgrown leaves, the growth of bad leaves are cut off, so that not only can save a lot of nutrients, but also better ventilation for plants, sunshine, can accumulate more nutrients, which can help flowering, flowers will open more and better.

2. more sunshine

Its demand for light is actually not very high, but it still needs more sunshine to meet the demand for flowering.The illumination is enough to have the effect of flower forcing.Therefore, before flowering, plants should be exposed to scattered light, and more than five hours of sunshine a day is the best, which can help to flower ahead of time.

3. Appropriate temperature

It is not cold-resistant, preferring to grow in warm places, if the temperature provided before flowering is too low, it will affect flowering, which is harmful to flowering.Appropriate temperature can play a role in flower forcing.The temperature suitable for growth is about 20 degrees, which can accelerate flowering, the number of flowers will be more, and the color will be more beautiful.

Zygocactus japonicus

4. Applying Fertilizer

The fertilizer it needs for flowering is naturally more than usual for growth, so it should be timely fertilized and supplemented, and suitable fertilizer seeds should be selected.In the growth season, the decomposed fertilizer and water should be applied regularly, once every 20 days.The formation of flower buds is to apply a proper amount of phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer before flowering, so as to have the effect of flower forcing.

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