Diseases and Control of Zygocactus and Treatment of Common Disea

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The leaves of the spring feather are yellow, and we need to find out the reason and make adjustments. If it is caused by lack of fertilizer or fertilizer damage, it should be applied according to growth needs, and fertilizer damage should be suspended and diluted by watering. If the watering is too little and too much, we can pay attention to reasonable watering, keep the pot soil moist, but control the amount of water. If the growth environment is alkaline, the soil should be replaced for the plant. If it is caused by lack of light and strong light exposure, it is necessary to maintain semi-shade astigmatism.

1. Stem rot

Symptom: The infection of stem rot mostly occurs at the base of the stem.The morbidity initial period can have the Brown green yellow spot, the disease spot assumes the irregular shape.In the later stage, the lesions will become black and brown, depressed, and the subcutaneous tissue will rot and dry up, with black granules.

Prevention method: When cultivating, the substrate must be disinfected before use to ensure that there are no germs inside.Management should pay attention to the amount and frequency of watering each time, not to let the environment too humid, appropriate control of humidity, rather dry than wet.In addition, the early morbidity, to spray zineb, to avoid continued infection.

2. Leaf spot

symptoms: Leaf spot disease is more from the edge of the leaf morbidity, the initial gray spots, slightly downward depression.After the late expansion, the edge will be dark brown, and the late lesions will slowly dry up, and there will be gray-black mildew.

Prevention and control method: Once it is found that it is infected with leaf spot disease, the diseased leaves should be removed in time to reduce the source of infection.In addition, the incidence of early drug use, the drug can be selected 800 times the liquid five chloronitrobenzene fungicide, or directly with this drug smeared on the leaves.

3. Precautions

In order to avoid infection of Zygocactus, not only soil disinfection, but also management methods should be paid attention to.It should be placed in a well-ventilated place, especially in hot summer.Ensure good ventilation, but also reduce watering, must not provide hot, humid environment, otherwise it is easy to infection.

Zygocactus japonicus

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