How is crab cactus orchid raised and how is it reproduced?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Family cultivation of Boston fern, potting soil choice is very important, can be used rotten leaf soil, river sand, garden soil mixture, every other year in the spring can be repotted once. Boston fern likes half shade, it is best to put in astigmatism place maintenance management, to prevent sun exposure. It has strict requirements on moisture, daily watering should be kept moist, and winter watering should be controlled. The cultivation should be applied with decomposed base fertilizer and thin liquid fertilizer in the later period. The temperature should be kept at about 15-25 C. Keep warm in winter.

1. how to raise

1. Soil: Breathable, permeable and loose sandy soil must be used for cultivating crab cactus. It is recommended that you mix half of the rotten leaf soil and half of the coarse river sand. After preparation, disinfect first and then use it to avoid germs inside.

2. Watering: reasonable watering shall be carried out during the management period, and the specific frequency shall be determined according to the growth stage.In the growing season, let the soil wet, irrigate once every two or three days, and sprinkle water frequently.In the dormant stage, water should be controlled to make the soil slightly dry.Attention should be paid to the fact that no water can be accumulated at any time, otherwise the roots will rot easily.

3, light: It likes light, usually have to be placed in the sun where there is light, to avoid strong light on the line.Only when the light is enough can it blossom normally.If there is a lack of light, the stems and leaves are easy to grow in vain, which will also affect flowering.

4, Fertilization: It is the flower that likes fertilizer, want to fertilize regularly, stimulative growth.During the growth period, thin fertilizer should be applied every half month, and decomposed manure or compound fertilizer can be selected.Before flowering, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be supplemented to promote flowering.Stop fertilizing after winter to avoid fertilizer damage.

2. how to reproduce

There are three ways to reproduce it.First, the sowing method, generally in July and August when the seeds will be mature, harvesting treatment directly after sowing on the line.However, this method is slow in growth, difficult to manage and less used.2 It is cuttage law, choose sturdy stem leaf to make cuttage, insert directly in base material, can take root very quickly.Third, the grafting method, the rootstock chooses the cactus, makes the scion with its stem section.After grafting, the wound can be healed in a week by putting it in a semi-shade ventilated place.

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