Does the spring crab cactus need to turn the pot? Does it blossom in spring?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Brazilian wood leaves yellow and withered, need to find out the reason to make adjustments. If the soil is hardened and alkaline, it can provide loose and fertile sandy soil to keep the soil slightly acidic. If the sun is not enough, the Brazilian wood can be kept in a well-lit place, exposed to adequate sunlight. If unreasonable watering is caused, regular watering can be carried out according to growth, excessive water accumulation needs to cut off rotten roots and reduce the amount of watering. If it is not ventilated for a long time, more windows can be opened for ventilation.

1. do you need to turn the pot in spring?

Claw orchids need to be potted in spring, and the specific time is after the flowers bloom every year, that is, in March and April.At this time, the climate temperature is more suitable, turning pots can reduce the damage to plants, and can adapt and restore growth faster.If the pot is not turned over, the growth space may not be sufficient after one year, and the soil is easy to harden, which will hinder the later growth, and may even lead to the phenomenon of reduced flowering or no flowering.Therefore, one or two years of maintenance should be repotted in spring.

2. how to turn the basin

When turning the pot, loosen the soil first and be careful not to damage the root system.Then dig the plant out, or just break the pot and take the plant out.After taking out, some old roots, dead roots, rotten roots and weak roots are pruned off and disinfected and aired.After treatment, they can be potted and planted in new potting soil.Pot soil must be guaranteed to be breathable and loose, and the new pot should be larger than the original pot, so that it can grow vigorously in the later period under such pot soil environment.

Does Spring Blossom?

Zygocactus can bloom in spring. Normally, the blooming period is in winter and spring, specifically from October to February of the next year.As long as the environment is suitable and the nutrients are sufficient, it can grow vigorously and blossom normally.

Zygocactus japonicus

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