The cultivation of spring crab claw orchid maintenance, spring repotting or autumn is good?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are two ways to branch the duckfoot tree. First, timely topping treatment, in the growth season, the top of the plant will be disposed of in time, which can save a lot of nutrients, thus also can promote lateral bud germination, more branches. The second is to use plant hormones, optional cytokinin, auxin and gibberellin, which can also promote the germination of lateral branches, more branches and fuller plant type.

1. Cultivation and maintenance of Zygocactus in spring

1. Watering: In the early spring, Zygocactus is still in the flowering stage, so a small amount of water should be applied.If the soil is not dry, it can not be watered first, and it will be slightly wet.And watering should be carried out at noon when the temperature rises.After the flower fades, it will stop growing and need less water, so it should be properly controlled.

2, light: Spring light is very mild, it also likes the sun, can be placed in a good place to let it receive the whole day of the sun, light enough flowers will open better.If there is no light, the flowering period will end early.

3. Temperature: The temperature is still very low in early spring. It is recommended not to move outdoors too early. It is safer to put it in a warm place indoors.Low temperature is easy to frostbite, which will hinder flowering and later growth.Usually the best temperature control between 10-28 degrees, if moved outdoors during the day, and so on must be moved indoors at night, otherwise the temperature difference is too large to easily lead to falling flowers.

4. Pruning: In March and April of spring, the flowers begin to wither slowly. The residual flowers should be pruned in time to reduce nutrient consumption, which is beneficial to its recovery.

2. is it better to change pots in spring or autumn?

It is better to repot the crab cactus orchid in spring, specifically in March and April.Because the flowers have already begun to fade, the plant will stop growing.At this time, repotting can reduce the damage to it, and the climate temperature is also appropriate, which is conducive to recovery.Autumn has begun to breed buds, when the formal accumulation of nutrients, repotting will affect the later flowering and growth.

Zygocactus japonicus

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