How to let gardenia grow bud, how to grow after having bud?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to wrap the leaves of the Jade Butterfly, you should put them in the light and let them bask in the sun more. Once the lack of light, plants easy to grow, leaves will become loose, will reduce the beauty. Watering should be well controlled, rather less than more, it is best to see dry irrigation. The suitable temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees, and the temperature should be controlled as much as possible. In addition, we should use soil with good ventilation performance, and add more granular soil when planting.

1. how to grow buds

1. Adequate sunshine: If gardenia wants to grow buds and promote later flowering, sunshine is very critical. During the period when flowers are pregnant with buds, they can be exposed to sufficient sunshine to promote the formation of buds and promote later flowering.

2. Pinching and pruning: At the beginning of the growth stage, it is necessary to pay attention to pinching and pruning, which can prevent too many lateral branches, consume a lot of nutrients, and also cause the buds to be difficult to open, so pinching can be done in time.Later pruning, leaving the main branches, pruning off the redundant lateral branches and flowering branches, so that nutrients can be accumulated to promote later flowering.

3. Water and fertilizer management: In order to make gardenia grow buds as soon as possible, water and fertilizer management should be reasonable.When the soil is slightly dry, you can pour water into the soil, in addition to root watering, but also need to spray water properly to maintain humidity.Fertilizer supply can maintain flowering, in the vigorous growth period of about ten days to apply fertilizer, especially before flowering, use some fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium.

2. how to raise after having buds

After the gardenia has buds, it is necessary to control watering, avoid excessive water accumulation, do not need too much fertilization, avoid applying thick fertilizer, and do not contact strong light.


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