How to let Gardenia explode pot, much knot bud?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In order to make Yulu grow fast and use soil with good air permeability, it is better to add more than 70% granular soil when preparing, so that plants can breathe better in such soil environment, which is beneficial to growth. Watering should be moderate, rather less than too much, do not accumulate water, otherwise it will hinder growth. It likes light, the growing season should be placed in the light, more sunshine, light enough not only grow fast, the state will be better. In addition, a small amount of fertilizer is needed to ensure sufficient nutrients.

1. Adequate illumination

In the home potted conservation gardenia, light must be maintained adequate, so as to accumulate nutrients for growth, so as to achieve the possibility of pot explosion.If there is a courtyard or the top floor at home, you can move the gardenia potted plant to the outside, fully exposed to the sun, if you keep it indoors, you can put it on the balcony, or you can keep it indoors where there is bright sunshine, fully receive the light, and then you can grow in pots.

2. Suitable soil

Soil is the basic condition to promote growth, gardenia is difficult to grow in alkaline soil, more difficult to achieve the phenomenon of pot explosion.In the growth and maintenance, it is necessary to provide acid soil suitable for growth, which requires loose, fertile and permeable soil, which can be purchased directly, or mixed into flower soil with garden soil and rotten leaf soil at home.

3. Proper watering

Gardenia like water, like to grow in a humid environment, found that the pot soil dry after the need for timely watering, but pay attention to the amount of water each time can not be too much.The water quality requirement that chooses is slant acidity, receive the water that come out to want to pass static place first, drop a few acid material, use again after water.


4. Timely fertilization

In the period of growth and flowering, it is necessary to apply fertilizer every half month, not lack of fertilizer, not too much fertilizer, pay attention to balanced fertilization, not partial application of nitrogen fertilizer.

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