How to let Lily grow short and strong, how to deal with growing too tall?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to restore the green color of Yulu, you should water it properly. Generally, the growing season should be watered once every three or five days to keep slightly wet, but there should be no water accumulation. It likes light itself, but also let it bask in the sun more, put it in the light will be better for photosynthesis, promote leaf color green, leaf shape compact. In addition, the growing season to fertilize frequently, once a month, the overall state of nutrients will be better, will also help to restore leaf color.

1. how to grow short and strong

1. Maintenance and management: In order to make the Lily grow short and strong, first of all, we should start with the maintenance and management, supplement enough sunshine, raise it in a place with good sunshine, see more sunshine and more solar energy to make photosynthesis normal, which can make the Lily become strong and strong.Proper watering to keep the growth environment moist, rational fertilization to promote plant health.

2. Spraying chlormequat: In addition to paying attention to maintenance and management, it is also necessary to spray chlormequat reasonably, such as paclobutrazol.When using, it can be diluted with water and sprayed to the leaf part once a month, not too frequently.It can also be mixed into a solution and poured into a growth container to promote the plant to become shorter and stronger from the root.If you use chlormequat alone, it may cause root rot, which will affect normal growth, so you can mix chlormequat with carbendazim solution to use, which can not only make the plant grow strong, but also prevent root rot.

2. grow too tall how to do

If the Lily grows too high, you need to prepare sharp scissors to cut off the long branches.It also needs to change the maintenance method, see more light at ordinary times, control watering and fertilization, and provide loose, fertile and breathable soil.


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