How to let duck palm wood more branches, how to trim shape?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
One of the most effective and simplest ways to get a rubber tree to grow more branches is to behead it. Prepare a pair of garden shears, cut the rubber tree at the waist with scissors, keep the base of the branches at about 50cm, and remove all the leaves on the branches. After beheading, the rubber tree is placed in a scattered and ventilated place, and almost a month later, the rubber tree will sprout many new stems and leaves at the branches and buds, and become a potted plant with many lateral branches.

1. how to make the duck palm more branched

1. Timely topping: If the ducktail has grown to the desired height and you want it to have more branches, you should top it in time in the growth season, and remove the top of the plant in time, which can save a lot of nutrients, so as to promote it to germinate lateral buds.

2, the use of hormones: If you do not want to top, can be used for plant hormones to help it lateral bud growth, promote the germination of lateral branches.The commonly used hormones are cytokinin, auxin and gibberellin, which can promote the rapid division of plant cells and facilitate the growth of branches.Note that if the new shoots have begun to grow, stop using them to avoid excessive growth.It is also necessary to stop fertilizer treatment in time, too much nutrient will grow in vain, affecting the overall beauty.

2. how to trim the shape

If you want to trim the shape, cut it into the shape of a pagoda and trim it slowly from bottom to top.Or you can trim it according to the shape you want, as long as it is beautiful.When pruning, we should cut off the withered and yellow branches first, and then prune the branches that grow too densely and grow too long, which can increase ventilation, light transmission, and save a lot of nutrients, so as to promote the growth of more vigorous.In addition, the roots should be pruned, and the old roots and rotten roots should be cut off every time the pots are changed, so as to make the growth more vigorous in the later period.

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