How to let crab claw orchid blossom continuously, how to maintain after blossom?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In order to maintain the effect of pot explosion, watercress must provide suitable soil, which can be mixed with garden soil, perlite, river sand and decomposed fertilizer, and the pot soil can be changed for 2-3 years. The growth of watercress can not be separated from the sunshine, and it is exposed to astigmatism for 2-3 hours every day. The most suitable temperature for growth is about 18-25 degrees, and measures should be taken to prevent cold and freeze in winter. The growth period should be watered regularly to maintain high air humidity, and the liquid fertilizer with secondary decomposition should be applied every 15-20 days during the growth period.

1. how to make the crab cactus bloom continuously

1. Appropriate temperature: If you want it to bloom continuously, you should pay attention to the control of temperature, which should be maintained between 12-20 degrees, and the temperature difference should not be too large, to ensure that the temperature will not be too high or too low.Especially in winter, it should be placed in the greenhouse for maintenance, too low will be frostbite, not to mention flowering.

2, the right amount of watering: such as crab cactus orchid buds grow time to pay attention to the amount of watering and frequency.Usually, we have to wait for the potting soil to dry before watering, too much watering is easy to drop buds, but also affect flowering.After waiting to have bud, want a few water, would rather dry not wet just goes.In addition, if the indoor environment is too dry, it is best to spray water regularly to maintain humidity.

3, do not move the flowerpot: The flower bud of crab cactus orchid is very fragile, after growing the flower bud, do not move the flowerpot frequently, otherwise the flower bud is easy to fall off, and the rhizome will be damaged seriously, which will hinder the growth.

2. how to maintain after flowering

It should be pruned as soon as possible after flowering.The wilting flowers can be pruned off to avoid further consumption of nutrients.Also trim the leaves and cut the branches short.If not pruned, it is easy to grow in vain.And pruning off some over-dense branches and over-old branches can save nutrients, promote better recovery and be beneficial to the next flowering.

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