How to let azalea blossom, what kind of fertilizer should be used before blossoming?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Suitable soil is the basic condition for the growth of Monstera bambusa, pay attention to the regular repotting of Monstera bambusa, replace the new soil to provide nutrients for growth, to promote the cracking of the leaves of M. bambusa. Keep in the bright light of astigmatism environment, contact with soft light. Watering should be controlled, a small amount of water can promote the cracking of leaves, usually watering should pay attention to dry and wet. In the process of maintenance and management, fertilization is carried out according to the needs of growth.

1. how to promote flowering

1. Acidic soil: The root system of azalea is relatively small. If it grows in heavy clay soil, it will not only affect flowering, but also hinder growth. Therefore, in order to promote flowering, it is necessary to provide suitable soil, which can provide loose and fertile acidic soil.

2. Illumination conditions: In order to make azaleas blossom, illumination conditions are indispensable. In spring and autumn, more sunlight should be exposed to meet the basic illumination needs. In summer, good shading should be paid attention to, and full illumination can be guaranteed in winter.

3. Proper watering: It is necessary to ensure sufficient water to promote flowering. It can not tolerate drought. During the growth and flowering period, it should be watered reasonably. In the spring and autumn growth period, it should be watered every three to five days. In summer, it can be watered once a day. In winter, it can be kept dry.

4. Topdressing fertilizer: Sufficient nutrients are needed for flowering. During the normal growth period, attention should be paid to topdressing fertilizer, which can make the plant strong and promote flowering. Fertilization can be gradually stopped in winter.

5. Pay attention to pruning: proper pruning is also needed in the usual maintenance. The yellow leaves and dead leaves appearing in the growth can be cut off, which can reduce the consumption of nutrients and accumulate nutrients to promote flowering.

2. what fertilizer to use before flowering

Topdressing of P and K fertilizer before flowering could promote flower bud differentiation and bud gestation, and reduce the application of N fertilizer.


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