How to make Lily bloom longer, how to grow lilies in flowering period?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to make the leaves of Clivia miniata grow evenly, you should keep the leaf surface of the plant perpendicular to the light when you put the Clivia miniata, and turn the pot 180 degrees every half month, so that the leaves on both sides of Clivia minata can grow neatly, so as to achieve the ornamental effect of "looking at a line from side to side, looking at it as a fan". Otherwise, the leaves of Clivia have a strong phototaxis, if the leaves on both sides of the plant are uneven light, it will certainly grow uneven.

1. how to make the Lily bloom longer

1. Add a small amount of water: The Lily is not a water plant. When it is cultivated, a small amount of water should be added. Generally, the water level should not exceed the water absorption point by three centimeters. Too much water will hinder the breathing, and on the contrary, it will easily lead to flower falling.

2. Change water frequently: Change water frequently for the flower branches. The specific frequency of water change shall be determined according to the season.If it is in summer, change it every two days.Spring and autumn three or four days a time, winter to extend the time, once a week on the line, that is, the higher the temperature for the more frequently, to avoid infection with bacteria, bacteria.

3. Frequent pruning: If you want to spend a long time, you should pay attention to pruning. If the branches are soaked in water for a long time, they are easy to rot, and the rot will produce bacteria, which will affect the flowering time.We should update the water absorption point frequently, and it is best to let it absorb fresh water every day.Pay attention to the length of the trim is not too long, the old can be cut off.


2. how to raise the flowering period

Lilies should be placed in the light during flowering to ensure adequate light, but the strong light stage should be avoided in time, do not expose to the sun for a long time.Of course, we must not lack light, otherwise the flowering period will end ahead of schedule.Also reduce watering, soil slightly moist on the line, must not accumulate water.In addition, it is better to stop fertilizer treatment, and then supplement fertilizer after flower fading, so as to avoid stimulating the root system.

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