How to let deliciosa explode pot, grow big and thick?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If there is no way to provide a warm growing environment for Sinningia speciosa in winter, it can be removed from the pot, cut off the excess stems and leaves, and then store its seed balls in a cool and ventilated place. Normal maintenance: If it can be placed indoors in winter to provide it with more than 5 ℃ growth environment, then it can be placed in a good light warm position to raise. During maintenance, water and fertilizer should be properly controlled and ventilation should be maintained.

1. Soil Foundation

In order to achieve the effect of pot explosion, it is necessary to ensure a good soil foundation, provide it with loose and fertile slightly acidic soil, suitable soil quality can meet the requirements of growth, do not raise it in hardened, sticky and barren soil.It also needs to change pots in time, once a year or two, to provide flowerpots suitable for growth, to provide the space environment needed for growth, and to continuously provide new soil to promote growth.

Sufficient astigmatism

Turtle back bamboo is relatively shade-resistant, but in order to achieve pot explosion to promote growth, we must ensure the demand for good light, family maintenance can be raised in a bright place, such as the living room window table, through contact with sunlight can meet the demand for good light.In hot summer, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, direct exposure, it will hurt the leaves.

3. Timely watering

The native place of Turtle Back Bamboo is in the tropical rain forest area, which prefers sufficient water, so watering is also very important, and it is necessary to water in time to meet the water needs.Generally, it is about three or four days to water, and the evaporation is strong in summer, so it can be watered one day at a time.

4. Reasonable topdressing

Some base fertilizer was applied when the plants were repotted. Fertilizer should be applied regularly in the late growth period. Fertilizer should be applied every 15 days in the vigorous growth period.

5. Reasonable Trimming

In order to promote pot bursting, proper pruning is also needed, and the cut branches can be used as cuttings.

Turtle Back Bamboo

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