How to let the pothos climb up, how to entangle on the pothos column?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Sunshine: Ginger Lotus should be placed in a place that can receive sunshine all day long. Temperature: It likes warm environment, the optimum growth temperature is 20-25 ℃. Watering: It likes wet be afraid of waterlogging, should water regularly when conserve, maintain the humidity of certain soil, but cannot let seeper appear in earth. Fertilization: It is more like fertilizer, the growing season every 10-15 days need to apply a thin fertilizer. Precautions: Pay attention to ventilation during maintenance.

1. how to make the green radish climb up

1. Adhesive tape fixing: If you want the green radish to climb up and grow, you can use adhesive tape to fix and paste the rattan of the green radish on the wall to make a TV wall.

2. Erect barbed wire: If you are afraid that the sticky tape will make the wall dirty or damaged, you can also erect a barbed wire on the wall, fix the barbed wire on the wall, and let the green radish climb and grow on the barbed wire.

3. Rope assistance: Tie a rope next to the green radish, wind the branches of the green radish around the rope, and bind and fix them to assist the vines of the green Radix to climb up and grow.

4, stair armrest: The building of double entry has stair in the home, can raise green Luo below stair armrest, after waiting for green Luo vine to grow long, twine vine on stair handrail, let green Luo climb up.

5, stand green Luo column: potted green Luo, can also be in the pot of a green Luo column, with a rope will be green Luo vine binding, fixed in the green Luo column, let it climb up to grow.

2. how to let the green Luo wrapped in the green Luo column

It is very simple to entangle the green radish on the green radish column. Whether it is a palm tree made green radish column or a towel made green Radix column, in the early stage, the vines of the green Radix column should be tied and fixed on the green radiation column with a cloth rope. The cloth rope should be sprayed with water to the green radiation column to create a high-humidity environment. After the air roots on the green Radix vine grow and are embedded in the palm tree or towel, the cloth rope should be taken down.

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