How to let pothos long vine, how to raise long vine faster?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In order to make ginger lotus spend winter better, the residual leaves, diseased leaves and leggy leaves on it need to be cut off before winter, and fertilizer should be applied once to supplement nutrients. After winter, it needs to be moved back indoors and maintained in an environment above 10 degrees Celsius. Maintenance, to maintain adequate light, regular ventilation, but also appropriate control of watering and suspension of fertilization. When the temperature rises next year, we can increase watering and resume fertilization.

1. how to make the green vine grow

1. Pruning yellow leaves: The first step to let the green radish grow vines is to check the state of the plant. If it is found that the green radish has yellow leaves and the stem is not strong, it is necessary to cut off the stems and leaves that are not growing well in time.

2. Supplement fertilizer and water: After pruning, it is time to supplement fertilizer and water. You can bury some cake fertilizer and bone meal along the edge of the pot. You can also apply compound fertilizer water with balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium once every half a month to supplement nutrients for the plant and promote its long branches and leaves.

3. Appropriate light enhancement: Then move the green radish indoors to a bright place with astigmatism. In winter, the light temperature is soft, so you can dry it more. Let the green radish carry out photosynthesis and accumulate nutrients, which is conducive to the growth of the plant.

4. Spray water to increase humidity: Finally, it is the unique skill to let the green radish grow vines. Only by raising the air root well, can the green radish grow vines quickly. If you want to raise the air root well, you should spray water to the plant frequently under the condition of good ventilation at ordinary times to increase the air humidity.

2. how to raise green Luo long vine faster

1. Hanging growth: If you want the green radish to grow vines quickly, in addition to meeting the above maintenance conditions, you can also hang the green radish at a high place, so that the vines of the green Radix can hang and grow, but the hanging leaves of the green Radix will grow smaller and smaller.

2. Climbing and growing: You can also build a column for the green radish to climb and grow upward, which can also make the green radish grow quickly, and the leaves of the climbing green radish will grow bigger and bigger.

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