How to let the pothos explode, put what to grow fast?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: Pricklyash prefers breathable, soft, drainable, fertile soil. Moisture: When the soil is about to dry out, then give it water, the soil can be completely watered. Temperature: need to control between 20-30 ℃, try not to exceed 35 ℃ and not below 10 ℃. Fertilizer: fertilize once every 2-3 weeks in growing season, fertilize once every 2-3 months in summer, stop fertilization in winter. Illumination: Maintenance needs to be properly shaded, only to provide it with a small amount of scattered light.

1. how to make the green pot burst

1. Fertile soil: If you want the green radish to grow quickly, the soil must be loose and fertile. For example, use coconut brick soil + humus soil + perlite + base fertilizer. The base fertilizer can be used to bury bean cake, bone meal, chicken manure and various organic fertilizers.

2. Timely watering: When watering the green radish, you should not follow the trend. You should judge according to the dryness and wetness of the soil. For example, you can feel that the soil in the pot is obviously lighter, or you can insert a small wooden stick in the pot soil and pull it out to see that the stick is dry before watering, and you should water it thoroughly.

3. Cuttage propagation: In order to make the green radish grow fast and explode in pots, there is actually a shortcut, that is, cuttage. Planting multiple green radishes in one pot to win by quantity. Within three months, the green radishes that survive by cuttage can quickly explode in pots.

2. raise green radish put what grow fast

1. Fish culture water: If you have a fish culture flower friend, when you change the water in the fish tank at ordinary times, you can scoop out a ladle of fish culture water to water the flowers. The fish poop in the water and the remaining fish food dregs can make the green radish grow very fast. The fish culture water does not need to be fermented, and you can directly water the flowers.

2. Water for washing rice: The water for washing rice at ordinary times can also be kept and fermented in plastic bottles for two or three weeks. When the water for washing rice is fermented, it can be diluted 10 times with water and watered once every half a month!

3. Bean cake water: As a foliage plant, the green radish needs to be supplemented with more nitrogen fertilizer at ordinary times. You can retting some bean cake water and soybean water at home. After retting, add water to dilute 20 times. Irrigate the flowers once every half a month, and the green radish will be able to rub against the pot.

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