Why azalea drops leaves and how to remedy?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Perlite has no toxicity, is suitable for growing flowers at home, is good for plant growth, has stable characteristics, keeps the substances in the soil stable, and is helpful for plant growth. It can also absorb water and nutrients, when watering and fertilizing, it can absorb part of it, and then release it slowly, the same principle for pesticides. Perlite belongs to particulate matter, which can make the soil loose and breathable and prevent soil hardening.

1. azalea leaves off is how to return a responsibility

1. Overwatering: The Rhododendron is afraid of waterlogging. Overwatering will cause water accumulation in the soil. The roots of the Rhododendron will be stuffy, and the leaves of the plant will be wilted. When the water accumulation is serious, the root system of the azalea will rot and lose the function of absorbing water, and the leaves of the plant will fall off.

2. Soil drought: Some leaves of the Rhododendron turn yellow and fall, and the flower buds become dry. At this time, when you weigh the weight of the potting soil, you feel that it is particularly light. Most of the time, it is caused by the soil being too dry because it has not been watered for a long time.

3. Poor ventilation: The cuckoo likes to stay in a well-ventilated environment. If the maintenance environment is airtight and not ventilated, the cuckoo will protest by dropping its leaves.

4, dry air: Rhododendron hi wet, if the air humidity is particularly low, Rhododendron leaves will be dry, and then fall.

2. how to remedy the azalea leaves

1. Overwatering: If it is caused by overwatering, remove the soil lump from the pot and check the root system. If there is any sign of rot, cut off the rotten root system and pot it again.

2. Soil drought: If it is caused by soil drought, water the Rhododendron in time. Water thoroughly and slowly until water flows out from the bottom of the basin.

3. Poor ventilation: If it is caused by poor ventilation, it is necessary to open the window frequently for ventilation during indoor maintenance, but it is necessary to avoid the invasion of cold wind. At ordinary times, you can also pad the flowerpot to make the permeable hole at the bottom of the flowerpot empty.

4. Air drying: If it is caused by air drying, you can spray water on the leaf surface of the plant to humidify it under the condition of good ventilation, but you can't spray water when the azalea has buds, you can put several pots of clean water beside the flowerpot to humidify it.


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