How to manage azaleas in winter?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Coconut bran can be used to plant flowers, which should be treated before planting flowers. Preparing a coconut bran brick and a larger container, putting the coconut bran brick in the container, turning on a tap, adding water into the container, kneading the water with hands, stirring and dispersing, and standing for one day. Pour out the water in the container, then fish out the coconut bran bricks inside, pinch the water with your hands, and then mix with soil, organic fertilizer and carbendazim to use together.

1. Temperature Control

Eastern cuckoos and western cuckoos are the most common cuckoo species. The eastern cuckoo is not afraid of the cold and has excellent cold resistance. Except for the northeast region, it can survive the winter outdoors. The western cuckoo is more afraid of the cold and should be kept in an indoor heating room in winter.

2. more sunshine

Rhododendrons are afraid of being exposed to the hot sun, but they should not lack light during maintenance, otherwise it will affect the differentiation of Rhododendron buds. Therefore, in addition to being exposed to the sun in summer, they can be placed on the east balcony for maintenance in spring and autumn, and on the south balcony for all-day drying in winter.

3. Proper watering

The Rhododendron likes water and is afraid of waterlogging. It is best to weigh the weight of the pot soil at ordinary times and feel that it is obviously lighter. Water it thoroughly until water flows out from the bottom of the pot. The Rhododendron likes acid. The temperature in the heating room is high. It can also water the peel of the flower once every half month.

4. more ventilation

In winter, the room is heated, the air is dry, and the maintenance environment is not ventilated. The rhododendrons love to lose their leaves. In winter, you should take advantage of the high temperature at noon to open the window for ventilation. When ventilating, you should move the rhododendrons away from the window. At ordinary times, you can also pad the flowerpot to increase the ventilation.

5. Avoiding Fertilization

If the temperature is low in winter for maintenance, or the Rhododendron is in the flowering period, fertilization is not allowed. After the Rhododendron is defeated in the next spring, 6G of bean cake and 6G of bone meal can be taken, divided into four parts, and buried in the edge of the flowerpot, and watered thoroughly.

6. light cut flower

When the rhododendrons fail, do not cut them again. Just pinch off the broken flowers and gently prune the spindly branches. Wait until the next autumn when the flowers will bud again and bloom again.


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