How to Make Clivia Flowering

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Jasmine can not stand the cold climate, winter must ensure good temperature, in time to move jasmine indoors, the temperature is guaranteed to be above 5 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is high at noon, pay attention to ventilation, so that plants can contact fresh air. In winter, the light is relatively weak, you can move the plant to a place with good light, see more sunshine to promote growth. In winter, the temperature is low, the growth rate is slow, watering and fertilization need to be reduced, and must not be too much.

1. Get more sun

If you want the clivia to blossom, you must let it bask in the sun more often. It should be placed on the windowsill with good indoor light, giving it the whole day's exposure time.In this way, it will better carry out photosynthesis, thus promoting faster germination of foil and speeding up flowering.However, pay attention to the strong light in summer to avoid, not insolation, otherwise easy to burn plants.

2. Increase the temperature difference

Clivia likes warm environment, but if you want it to bloom, you need to pay attention to the temperature difference.Should be in the daytime to provide it with about 20 degrees of environment, and so on at night to cool down, it is best to control the temperature at about 10 degrees, such a temperature difference after opening, about a month will be pregnant with buds, more sunshine, can blossom smoothly.It is difficult to blossom if a temperature is provided for a long time.

3. Adequacy of Fertilizer

Its growth is naturally inseparable from nutrients, and if it wants to blossom smoothly, it must ensure adequate nutrients.Phosphate and potassium fertilizers should be applied frequently in spring and autumn, so that it can accumulate enough nutrients to maintain flowering.

Clivia miniata

4. Drug Flowering

If you have been breeding for a long time and still do not blossom, you can go to the flower shop to buy a special arrow promoter, add a proper amount of clear water Sith, and then drop it in the root or potting soil near the root system, which can stimulate growth and promote faster flowering.

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