How to make green leaves turn green?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Milan flowers appear to drop the leaves of the problem, if too much watering caused, need to pay attention to good reasonable watering, promote water drainage. If the temperature is low and frostbite is caused, you can keep warm and move indoors in time in winter. If it is caused by applying raw fertilizer or thick fertilizer, the fertilizer after full fermentation and decomposition can be selected, and too much fertilizer should be watered to promote the outflow of excess fertilizer. If the light is not suitable, it can be kept in a bright place and moved to the shade after exposure.

1. Appropriate illumination

Scindapsus aureus can grow normally without light, but it needs light to make its leaves greener.In addition to summer, spring, autumn and winter can be allowed to scatter light, so that better photosynthesis, leaves will naturally become more green, more vigorous growth.

Wipe with beer

During the maintenance period, it is necessary to frequently wipe its leaves with beer. The specific method is to dilute the leaves with clean water first, and then wipe the leaves with a rag. In this way, not only the dust on the leaf surface can be wiped off, but also the leaves can be made more green.In addition, it is also very good to wipe with clean water.

3. Regular Fertilization

Although the green radish has a certain ability to tolerate barren soil, if it wants to grow better and its leaves are greener, it cannot do without nutrients.Fertilizer should be applied frequently in the growing season, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and urea fertilizer can be diluted and poured on the roots, or sprayed on the leaves, the effect is better.If granular fertilizer is applied, appropriate amount of water should be diluted after application, so that plants can absorb it faster and avoid fertilizer damage.

Green dill

4. Suitable Environment

If you want its leaves to be more oily and green, you must provide a suitable environment.Attention should be paid to more ventilation in summer high temperature stage, frequent spraying of water to cool down, winter should be moved indoors, temperature control treatment, otherwise high temperature and low temperature leaves are easy to yellow.

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