How to make the pothos grow fast and explode in pots

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Blue snowflakes can not stand the cold, specific can not winter outdoors, the results are different, according to the temperature of different areas, if it is very biased to the south, the winter temperature can be maintained above 0 degrees Celsius, in this case, you can overwinter outdoors. If it is the northern region, the temperature is relatively cold, the temperature in winter is below 0 degrees Celsius for a long time, this situation must be noted, need to be moved indoors in time to overwinter, can not make the plant frostbite.

1. Appropriate illumination

Scindapsus aureus has strong shade tolerance and can maintain normal growth in the shade.But if the light is suitable, the plants will accumulate more nutrients, thus promoting more vigorous growth and faster pot explosion.In addition to the strong light in summer, the other three seasons are more moved to astigmatism, so that it can see more light.

2. Appropriate temperature

If you want it to explode, you must provide a suitable temperature for growth, and it is best to control the temperature around 22 degrees all the time, which is most conducive to growth.The high and low temperature in summer and winter must be controlled, otherwise it is easy to grow poorly, yellow leaves and withered leaves.In summer, we should strengthen ventilation, spray water frequently to cool down, and move to warm places in winter, preferably control the temperature above 10 degrees to avoid frostbite.

3. Fertilizer and water are reasonable

The correct application of water and nutrients during management is also critical for its growth.Usually watering is recommended to see dry and wet, its root system is fleshy, not resistant to waterlogging, watering too much easy to rot roots, will hinder growth.In the peak season of growth, we should apply fertilizer frequently and apply thin fertilizer liquid, which can promote faster growth and faster pot explosion.

Green dill

4. Timely trimming

in the conservation period found that there is dysplasia, morbidity, spindly branches and leaves should be cut off in time, can reduce unnecessary nutrient consumption, but also can save space, to promote strong branches better germination, this is also beneficial to it burst pot.Its germination speed itself is relatively fast, if the growth environment is suitable, it will soon achieve the purpose of pot explosion.

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