How to grow Gardenia indoors in winter?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Antirrhinum is sunny, potted conservation in addition to the summer noon exposure needs to shelter, other seasons should be more sunshine, the more sufficient the better. In winter, the maintenance temperature is guaranteed to be above 0 C. In summer, the sunshade net is pulled to block light and cool down, and the weight of potting soil is weighed at ordinary times, which makes the feeling obviously lighter and more permeable. Apply compound fertilizer dure that growth period of the plant, applying phosphorus and potassium fertilizers before the flowering period once every half a month, apply thin fertilizer frequently, and pruning the plant after the flower fails to promote the plant to bloom again.

1. Keep the sun shining

Gardenia winter moved indoors, or to maintain good sunshine, light to maintain about 60%, can be raised in the balcony of good light, more sunshine, but also to promote the growth of robust.

2. Pay attention to ventilation

Gardenia on the air circulation requirements, raised indoors can not be too stuffy, the need for regular ventilation windows to promote air circulation.Be careful not to open the window when there is a cold wind, you can choose to open the window at noon to ensure that you will not be frostbitten.

3. Reducing water and fertilizer

In winter, the temperature is relatively low and the growth is very slow, so the application of water and fertilizer should be controlled, and the watering and fertilization should be reduced appropriately.Generally wait until the soil is dry before watering, water should be taken out in advance to dry, roughly equivalent to room temperature.The demand for fertilizer is also very small, fertilization can not be too much, if the temperature is more appropriate, you can properly fertilize, if the temperature is relatively low, you can stop fertilization.

4. Maintain temperature

Generally, it is safe to spend the winter indoors. It is better to keep the indoor temperature at about 6-12 . If the indoor temperature is on the low side, the flowerpot can be wrapped with foam plastic to protect the root system.

5. Pay attention to trimming

Winter is very suitable for pruning, pruning and shaping plants, cutting off diseased branches, weak branches and spindly branches.


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