How to raise jasmine in winter?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Garlic yellow can be water culture can also be soil culture, water culture, the most outer garlic into the skin off, prepare a shallow dish will garlic into, add water to 1/3 of the height of garlic, and then shut into a small black house, usually keep the shallow dish always have water, about half a month can harvest a crop of garlic yellow. In soil culture, the garlic is soaked in water for two days, planted in the soil after the garlic takes root, covered with 3cm of soil, kept in soil moisture at ordinary times, shaded and maintained, and harvested when the garlic grows to be 34 centimeters high.

1. Guaranteed temperature

The temperature in winter will drop a lot. The jasmine cannot stand the cold climate and is afraid of low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a good temperature so as to ensure that the jasmine can survive the winter safely.In the Frost`s Descent season, pay attention to good weather conditions, timely move indoors, the temperature at home to ensure that more than 5 degrees Celsius.Generally, there are indoor heating in the northern region, the temperature can be guaranteed, if the indoor temperature is low in the southern region, plastic bags can be put on the plants to keep warm.

2. Pay attention to ventilation

Although the plants are moved indoors for maintenance, the growing environment should not be too sultry. It is necessary to pay attention to ventilation when the temperature is high at noon, so that the plants can be exposed to fresh air, which can promote healthy growth.

3. See more sunshine

In winter, the light is weak and not particularly strong. You can move the plants to a place with good light and see more sunshine to promote growth, which is also good for the increase of temperature.


4. Reducing water and fertilizer

In winter, the temperature is on the low side, and the speed of water evaporation is relatively slow, so watering should be reduced. If we do not pay attention to control, too much watering will cause water accumulation and root rot. Therefore, we should pay attention to a small amount of water supply at ordinary times to keep the soil slightly wet.Fertilizer is applied once before winter, and basically no fertilizer can be applied after winter.

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