How does daffodil grow ability to blossom, the florescence of daffodil

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Camellia should be fertilized in all periods, with more thin fertilizer and water in spring, usually every 17 days. Summer high temperature, slow growth of plants, can supplement a little phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Autumn and winter are its flower bud growth period, which requires liquid fertilizer. In addition, when repotting, base fertilizer should be applied, and a little alum fertilizer water should be applied at ordinary times. If you apply too much fertilizer, you need to wash the pot soil with clean water to wash away the excess fertilizer.

1. how to raise flowers & nbsp; & nbsp;

1, keep that temperature: daffodils in the conservation proces, the temperature is kept at about 12 deg C to 20 deg C, the temperature range is suitable for growth and flowering, and can promote flowering as soon as possible.Summer and winter temperatures are relatively special, summer should pay attention to good water spray to reduce the surrounding temperature, winter should do a good job of warm measures.

2. Provide sunlight: Sufficient sunlight, mainly scattered light, does not need to be too long, about 4 hours a day.In summer, we should avoid exposure to strong light, which is not conducive to flowering, but will burn leaves and flowers.

3. Clean water quality: At present, daffodils are generally maintained by hydroponics. Therefore, after selecting excellent seed bulbs, the water quality is also critical. Clean water quality is required. The water inside cannot be turbid. The water is changed regularly according to the climate and growth.

4. Time selection: In hydroponics, we should also choose the right time, try to choose the autumn cultivation and maintenance, avoid the bulb dormancy period, and also avoid the time period when the temperature rises after the Qingming Festival.

5. Reasonable fertilization: Flowering needs nutrients, usually reasonable fertilization, before flowering emphasis on phosphorus fertilizer.

2. Flowering

Narcissus blooms around the time of the Spring Festival, that is, around January and February every year.


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