Method for planting bulb of narcissus, planting time of narcissus

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Camellias prefer soft acidic soil, if the soil is alkaline, it is often unfavorable for the growth of plants. If it is a potted plant, you can prepare potting soil by yourself, using garden soil, river sand, slag and coconut bran, mixing the four according to the ratio of 3:3:3:1. This kind of soil can not only ensure good air permeability, but also have a certain water retention effect, which can create moist growth conditions.

1. Bulb Planting Method

1. Selection of bulbs: If you want to raise daffodils well in the later period, the selection of bulbs is very critical. You should choose a large, full, dark brown color, no pests and diseases, no damage, and it looks like there are more flower buds. In this way, the later flowering can be guaranteed.Do not choose dry and stunted, otherwise it will affect the later growth.

2. Treatment of corms: After selecting the corms, you need to treat them. Peel off the brown outer skin, and cut off the dead old roots to expose the white part inside.

3. Planting: There are three methods for bulb planting, namely, water culture planting, soil culture planting and sand culture planting.Hydroponic planting is a common and simple method, prepare a container that is not too deep, add clean water, then put the bulb in, the water level reaches one third of the bulb, and change the water once a day at first.Soil cultivation should be prepared with loose, breathable and nutritious humus soil, and then the bulbs should be planted in about 3 centimeters deep.Sand culture planting should prepare fine sand, put it in a container, then bury the bulb about 1 cm, and water it thoroughly every morning and evening.

2. Planting time

Daffodils prefer cool climates and can be planted around September-November each year.


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