The reason why narcissus does not blossom, how to promote narcissus blossom.

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The new bought Phalaenopsis is more than plastic flowerpot, cut directly on the line, so that the pot can reduce the damage to the root system. Trim the dead roots after taking off the basin, put them in the disinfectant for ten minutes after trimming, and dry them for later use. Also prepare suitable matrix, can use sphagnum moss, bark, vermiculite mixed. When potting, first put part of the sphagnum moss, then put the plant, the root system should be extended, the root periphery wrapped with sphagnum moss, and finally fill it. If you want it to grow vigorously, you should also pay attention to maintenance.

1. Insufficient light

Reason: Daffodils need sufficient light to bloom, if the long-term lack of sunlight, will lead to daffodils can not bloom normally.

Solution: The growth period to add enough scattered light, not too shaded, maintenance of the location can be selected in the bright living room, or raised in a scattered light on the balcony.Although good light conditions should be maintained, they should not be exposed to the hot sun in summer.

2. Poor water quality

Reason: At the beginning of hydroponics, if the water quality is not good, it will directly affect the flowering of daffodils.If the water is not changed for a long time, the water quality will become more turbid and it will be difficult to blossom.

Solution: Keep the water clean. Regularly replace the water inside. There is not much requirement for the water. You can use the tap water after standing. The temperature is about the same as the room temperature.

Three kinds of balls are not good

Reason: If the quality of the seed bulbs selected at the beginning is not good, relatively small or damaged, it will also affect the flowering.

Solution: When choosing a seed ball, you should carefully distinguish it. It should be big and full. The color of the outer skin is purple-brown, with more flower buds.


4. Incorrect hydroponic season

Reason: Choosing the wrong season for hydroponics can also lead to no flowering, such as hydroponics during the dormancy period of bulbs or when the temperature is high.

Solution: Try to grow hydroponics in the fall.

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