Phalaenopsis summer can be placed on the balcony, how to manage summer Phalaenopsis?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Crab claw orchid itself is very light-loving, belonging to short-day plants. During the usual management period, it should be exposed to the sun for 4 to 6 hours every day to maintain normal growth and flowering. And the winter light is very soft, of course, can bask in the sun. Suggestions on the south windowsill, balcony, more sunshine plants can better winter, but also can accumulate a lot of nutrients, to promote better flowering.

1. summer can be placed on the balcony?

Phalaenopsis can be placed on the balcony in summer, but pay attention to the time of placement, the time should not be too long, otherwise the plant is easy to lack water and dry up in high temperature environment.In addition, we should also pay attention to the summer light, to properly shade, otherwise strong light is easy to burn leaves, affecting flower bud differentiation and plant growth.

2. How to manage in summer

1. Appropriate water replenishment: It likes humid environment.Summer temperature is high, water evaporation is relatively fast, to increase the number of watering, to ensure that the soil is moist.It is necessary to irrigate the pot soil when it becomes dry at ordinary times, but it can be irrigated once in the morning and evening.In addition, we should also pay attention to spraying water frequently to maintain a certain humidity, but pay attention to absolutely not water accumulation.

2. Regular fertilization: Summer is the peak season for its growth, so it is necessary to supplement fertilizer regularly.It is suggested to apply compound fertilizer, which can be diluted first and then applied, so that plants can absorb fertilizer solution faster, which is beneficial to growth and can also promote flowering.

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3. Enhance ventilation: If the temperature is high in summer, it must be placed in a well-ventilated place to keep the air circulating. Otherwise, the plants will be easily infected by pests in the environment with high temperature and no air circulation, which will hinder the growth.Once found, they must be treated as soon as possible to avoid deterioration.In addition, more ventilation can also play a role in cooling, which is beneficial to growth.

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