Cactus cutting how long to take root, Cactus cutting tips.

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Grafting of crab cactus orchid can be used as rootstock, its adaptability is very strong, very solid skin. However, the growth rate is slow and it is difficult to shape. The most common way in life is to use cactus as rootstock, which has high survival rate and fast growth rate. In addition, Ye Xian can also be grafted, but it is not cold-resistant, more suitable for the southern region. Also pay attention to the time and method of grafting, the time is appropriate, the method is correct to ensure survival.

1. How long does cutting take root

The most commonly used method for propagation of Zygocactus is cutting, which is very simple and has a high survival rate.How long it takes to root depends on the specific method of cutting and the management after cutting, under normal circumstances, it will take root between two to three weeks after cutting.Some will be shorter and some will be longer.

2. cutting tricks

1. Cuttage time: It is better to choose cuttage in spring or autumn, the climate is more suitable, and the survival rate will naturally be higher.Specifically, it is between March and May in spring and September and October in autumn.

2, leaf processing: to choose robust, hypertrophy, and there is no complete stem node, probably two or three nodes for a section, stem node too little will also affect rooting, rooting speed will slow down.After cutting, it should be put in the shade to dry the wound, not directly into the soil, otherwise the wound is easy to infect.

3. Suitable matrix: It has higher requirements for the matrix, which must ensure ventilation and looseness. It is recommended to mix humus soil and river sand, which can breathe better after cutting and is beneficial to rooting.

4. Maintenance after cutting: After cutting, put it in a place where there is no light, and do not rush to bask in the sun.Usually every three or five days should be watered once, but each time can not be excessive, the matrix is slightly wet, so that the environment can take root faster, but also improve the survival rate.

Zygocactus japonicus

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