How to acclimatize the newly bought azaleas?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Hydroponic hyacinths grow very fast. If you grow it in the right way and in the right environment, it will start to take root after 1-2 days of hydroponics. After 1-2 weeks of hydroponics, its root system can initially mature. After 4-5 weeks of hydroponics, it can grow new shoots. After 70-80 days of hydroponics, it is possible to flower. But if it is not very good, this time may also be extended to 100 days or even longer.

1. how to revive the newly bought azaleas

1, avoid to change a pot: The azalea that buys newly, it is to taking bud normally or the potted plant that is blossoming, after buying the home, must not change a pot, be sure otherwise dry bud, fallen flower.

2, avoid insolate: The azalea that buys newly, after buying the home, must not insolate, put in astigmatism and ventilated place to get used to a week first, a week later reappearance is added gradually all the time illuminate.

2. how to maintain the flowering period after seedling recovery

1, careful watering: Rhododendron in the flowering period watering too often easy to rot roots, leaves, watering too little easy to dry bud, fallen flowers, usually can weigh the weight of potting soil, feeling significantly lighter watering.

2. Increasing humidity: The air humidity for maintenance is not enough, and the Rhododendron is easy to dry leaves and drop buds. We can pad the flowerpot, empty the permeable hole, and add water to the tray to increase humidity.

3, avoid fertilization: the new buy azaleas, before flowering has been applied to the flower fertilizer, we do not buy home after fertilization, such as plant flower failure after fertilization.

Third, how to maintain the Rhododendron after flower failure

1. Light pruning: After all the flowers of Rhododendron bloom, remove the residual flowers in time, light pruning or no pruning, reduce the nutrient consumption of Rhododendron, and wait for its flowering again.

2. Lower the room temperature: Enjoy the Rhododendron in winter and spring. After the Rhododendron flowers fail, the weather becomes warmer and warmer. Open more windows at noon for ventilation. Leave the room when the temperature is stable above 10 .

3, late repotting: After the failure of the flower can be repotted, but to be on the safe side, it is best to wait until the temperature is stable at 15 above again, when repotting can be buried in the bottom of the pot cake fertilizer and bone meal as base fertilizer.


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