How to raise the new leaf gardenia?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are many reasons for the yellow leaves of tulips. If it is because of the dark environment, it needs to increase the light so that it can be fully illuminated. If the temperature is too high, it is necessary to spray water properly and put it in a ventilated place to cool down. If there is too much water, it is necessary to discharge the accumulated water and loosen the soil properly to accelerate the evaporation of water. If it is due to insufficient nutrients, it is necessary to supplement a little fertilizer.

1. just bought the small leaf gardenia how to raise

1, humidity: just bought a small leaf gardenia, must give it a high humidity environment, such as in the plant next to a few pots of water.Otherwise, the air at home is dry, and the maintenance environment of gardenia in the greenhouse is too different, which can easily lead to wilting of plant leaves.

2, light: Just bought the small leaf gardenia, do not put in the hot sun exposure, it is best to put in a place with sufficient astigmatism for a week, and so on plants to adapt to the new environment, and then gradually increase the intensity of light.

3. Watering: Gardenia microphylla likes water and is afraid of waterlogging. Usually, observe the soil surface to be white and dry, and water it thoroughly.Some stones can be placed between the pot and the tray to increase the ventilation of the pot soil and prevent the plant from water accumulation and root rot.

4. Note: Gardenia microphylla likes humidity, and can spray water to the surface of the plant frequently under the condition of good ventilation.But when gardenia has bud, do not spray water, otherwise it is easy to drop bud.If the plant leaves droop, you can water thoroughly, find a large bag to cover the flowers overnight, the next day the plant leaves can be restored to stand up.

2. how to raise the small leaf gardenia flower after failure

1. Pruning: The small-leaved gardenia just bought is usually in the flowering period. After all the flowers have bloomed, cut off the two pairs of leaves at the top of the branches. By the way, cut off the branches that are not growing well, and put them in a place with soft light to promote the germination of new buds.

2. Fertilization: The gardenia microphylla after flower failure and pruning is the most nutrient-deficient at this time. You can dig several small pits along the edge of the pot and bury a small amount of cake fertilizer and bone meal to supplement the nutrients consumed by the plant during flowering, so as to promote its rapid growth and flowering again.

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