Water requirement of Rhododendron

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Just bought Cattleya, first do not direct the sun, on the room to adapt to astigmatism for a week, and then gradually increase the intensity of light. Keep the temperature at 25-32 ℃, usually touch the sphagnum moss to dry and irrigate thoroughly, under the condition of good ventilation, spray water to the plants and their surroundings frequently, and create a maintenance environment with high air humidity. Cattleya cultivated with sphagnum moss has little nutrient in the matrix, and some slow-release fertilizer can be buried along the edge of the pot during the plant growth period to provide nutrients for Cattleya.

1. Watering frequency

Rhododendrons are relatively water-loving during the growth period. During the period when they need more water, they must keep sufficient water. Under normal circumstances, that is, during the growth period in spring and autumn, it is enough to ensure that water is supplied 2-3 times a week.Summer water evaporation is very strong, watering should be timely, you can water every day.The situation in winter is very special, the temperature gradually decreases, the growth rate slows down, watering should also be reduced, every ten days and a half months to give water, keep dry.

2. spray water moisturizing

In addition to normal watering to maintain growth, water mist should be sprayed around the plants in summer to reduce temperature and increase humidity.

3. Watering Time

Watering time should also be well controlled, which is also crucial. If the watering time is not well controlled, it may also affect the normal growth of plants.Summer to avoid noon time, can be in the morning and evening two time periods of water, winter temperature is low, early and late watering will lead to plants were frostbite, can be watered at noon.


4. Selection of Water Quality

Rhododendrons are acid-loving flowers, which are difficult to grow normally in alkaline environment and may lead to growth problems.The best choice of water quality is acidic water, rainwater can be chosen, or tap water after volatilization can be used, in order to increase acidity, vinegar can be added appropriately.

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