Moisture requirement of Lily

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Temperature: Should be placed in the room temperature 20-30 degrees Celsius indoor, summer must be carried out and shading work. Humidity: more suitable for humid environment, just bought back the best not a lot of watering. Repotting: need to let it adapt to the time of 10-15 days, and then repotting. Pesticides and fertilizers: Do not apply pesticides and fertilizers when you just bought them. Pruning: You can use scissors to carefully cut off the rotten leaves and roots.

1. Watering frequency

1, Spring and Autumn: Lily on the water demand is relatively high, is a relatively water-loving flowers, usually need more watering to maintain growth.When it is just planted, it is watered a little, and in spring, it is in its growing period, at this time, the climate is very suitable, it needs to be watered, and it can be watered for about 3-5 days to keep a certain humidity in the pot soil.The temperature around autumn is also very suitable, watering can not be missing, keep the pot soil slightly wet.

2. Summer: Summer is also the growth peak season, and at this time the temperature is high, evaporation is very strong, you can water every 2-3 days.With the gradual increase of temperature, lilies will enter a dormant state, at this time the growth is relatively slow, need to keep the pot soil dry.

3. Winter: The temperature in winter is relatively low. At this time, the growth is gradually stagnated, and the above-ground parts will wither. Therefore, the water demand is not much. It is necessary to water less. The growth can be satisfied by giving water every 7-10 days.

2. No water accumulation

Although lilies like water, the more water they have, the better. They should not be watered too much at one time, as long as the soil is soaked.

3. Regular water change for hydroponics

In addition to soil culture of lilies, hydroponic culture is also a very commonly used method. In hydroponic culture of lilies, attention should be paid to changing water regularly. In summer when the temperature is high, water should be changed for 2-3 days. In spring and autumn, water can be changed for 3-5 days. In winter, water should be changed every 7 days or so.


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