How to grow the new Gardenia?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: Chestnut trees do not like acid soil and alkaline soil, so the choice of neutral sandy loam soil to plant is very appropriate. Moisture: It needs a lot of moisture, it is recommended to water about twice a week. Nutrient: The fertilizer that apply fertilizer chooses nitrogen fertilizer, potash fertilizer commonly, add two kinds of fertilizer to be able to provide enough nutrient to its. Illumination: It likes the strong light illumination, suits raises in the full day illumination environment. Adequate light absorption can make it grow more robust.

1. how to deal with the gardenia bought back

Just bought the gardenia will need to check its basic situation.If it is just cuttage growth of small roots of seedlings or roots shallow, then should be timely cut off the bud and leaves, quietly waiting for the root growth perfect, to prevent the impact of being separated too much, affecting its rooting and adaptation to the environment.

2. how to breed the gardenia bought

1. Soil: just bought back should pay attention to ensure the permeability of the soil, transport process due to bumps may appear blocked vents and so on.Through the air holes at the bottom of the flowerpot, and clean up the stones and other debris on the soil surface.In general, unless the soil compaction is serious, the pot is broken and other special circumstances, we should wait for about a week after the adaptation period before repotting.

2. Light: Gardenia just bought back because of changes in the environment, the growth will become relatively slow, at this time if he put in the light of the soft light area breeding, he can better adapt to changes in the environment.But without strong sunlight, too strong environmental changes may cause it to wither because it can not adapt.

3. Fertilization: The flowers brought back from the flower market usually do not need to be fertilized at the beginning.Because on the one hand, florists will scientifically breed and fertilize; On the other hand, gardenia grows slowly in the newly changed environment and needs less nutrients.If the leaves suddenly turn yellow in large areas, a small amount of fertilizer containing ferrous sulfate solution can be applied.


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