How to raise the new jasmine?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: Planting Dysosma soil to garden soil, fine sand, rotten leaves and soil mixed from the best. Moisture: It has a great demand for moisture, watering should be more frequent, but also to avoid water storage in the soil. Nutrient: It is not big to the demand of fertilizer, the time that apply fertilizer 15 days or so good. Illumination: It is not suitable for strong direct light, astigmatism irradiation is the most appropriate, adequate light absorption of plant growth and development is very good.

1. Temperature

The jasmine belongs to the comparison to like the warm plant, after just bought, had better place it in the temperature 30 Celsius about big canopy or the indoor cultivation.If it is summer, you should avoid a long period of heat, you can choose to spray water mist around to cool down.

2. Watering

The newly bought jasmine root system development may not be perfect, at this time the sudden change of the environment makes it temporary appearance of defoliation and other phenomena is normal.Don't rush to water at the beginning, wait for the soil to dry and then water it thoroughly.Generally, it can be watered once a week or so.

3. Trimming

It is necessary to pick off its dead branches, rotten leaves and rotten roots just after it is bought, leaving only about 3 to 4 branches with good growth.In this way, nutrients can only be provided to these well-growing branches, improving the probability of survival.

4. Fertilization

The metabolism and growth of jasmine flowers just after moving home are very slow, and their adaptation to the environment is also very bad, so they can't fertilize immediately.At this time, if fertilization is carried out rashly, it may lead to soil compaction, branches and leaves withered and yellow.Usually, thin fertilizer is applied once every 3-4 days in the growth period.


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