How to raise the newly bought pothos?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil: The quality of the soil has a great impact on the growth of Onslow, with loose drainage performance of good soil, can make the plant growth and development better. Moisture: Watering time would rather dry not wet, growing season every 3 days or so can be watered. Nutrient: During its growth period should be sufficient to supplement its fertilizer, fertilizer selection of organic fertilizer is good. Light: Absorb enough light to make it grow well, maintenance should provide the right amount of scattered light.

1. Receive appropriate light

The green radish that has just been bought should be placed in the sunny place of the home, so that it can receive full light, but it should also be noted that it can not be placed in the hot sun for insolation, because it has not yet adapted to the changes in the surrounding environment, sudden insolation may lead to growth stagnation or even death.

2. Compound fertilizer cannot be used

Compound fertilizers, especially granular fertilizers, should be used with caution when fertilizing Scindapsus aureus.Frequent application may lead to poor soil permeability, burning seedlings and other negative effects, just bought back the green radish more fragile, pay more attention not to apply such fertilizers.

3. Cleaning branches and leaves

Due to transportation and other reasons, most of the green radish bought from the market carries a lot of floating ash and dust on its surface, which seriously affects its acceptance of light and photosynthesis.Therefore, it is necessary to wipe and clean the surface with a wet rag and dry it after it has just been bought.

4. Cannot change basin immediately

Many flower lovers can't wait to change into bigger and beautiful flowerpots after they just bought them.In fact, this practice is unreasonable, after changing the surrounding environment, the green radish has not yet come and fully adapted, at this time suddenly change his soil environment, it may lead to it can not adapt, and lead to growth and development retardation.Generally, the repotting work will be carried out after a month or so.

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