How to grow the newly-bought rhododendron?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Improper fertilization: Lack of fertilizer or too much fertilizer may lead to yellow leaves of pansy. At this time, it should be timely to supplement or stop fertilization to help it recover. Improper watering: Lack of water or overwatering may also cause yellow leaves. At this time, water should be replenished or soil drainage should be loosened in time to help it recover. Light is too strong: long time of direct exposure to strong light is also easy to make its leaves yellow. At this time, it needs to be moved to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, and wait for it to recover.

1. how to raise the cuckoo just bought back

The newly bought cuckoo needs to be given plenty of water to prevent it from dehydrating.Because it has not yet begun to grow normally, there is no need to fertilize at present.In order to make it adapt to the new environment more quickly, it can be placed in a warm and scattered light sufficient place to maintain.

2. Specific Culture Methods

1. Illumination: It is a shade-loving plant. When you just bought it, you can't put it directly in the sun. You should put it in a place where it can receive scattered light for maintenance. After it gradually returns to normal growth, you can extend the illumination time appropriately.

2. Watering: It just bought back, to avoid it dehydration, the need to irrigate 1 through the water.After that, you can wait until the potting soil is dry before watering, so that the potting soil remains moist but not wet.It should be noted that alkaline water should not be used for watering, and the water temperature should not be too cold.

3. Temperature: It is neither resistant to heat nor cold.When it is just bought back, it needs to be maintained in an environment with a temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius, which is more conducive to its adaptation to the new environment.At this time, it can not be placed in too cold places, otherwise its root system is easy to freeze, and it will be more difficult to recover after freezing.

4. Fertilization: It just bought back, do not need to provide too much nutrition, the need to temporarily stop fertilization.After it resumes growth, thin cake fertilizer liquid water can be applied 2-3 times a month.


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