How to raise the new Lily?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Improper watering: Watering too much or too little will lead to wishful empress yellow leaves. At this time, reasonable watering is needed to supplement water for it, but soil water can not be allowed to accumulate. Insufficient light: It likes light, if long-term lack of light, it will lead to its branches and leaves yellow. At this time, it needs to be moved to a place with sufficient light for maintenance. Improper application of fertilizer: too much or too much fertilizer can also cause yellow leaves. At this time, it is necessary to stop fertilizing, and then increase the amount of water to dilute the fertilizer.

1. how to deal with the Lily just bought back

After the Lily has just been bought, do not rush to pot it. You need to check whether the root system and branches and leaves of the plant are in good condition. If the root system is rotten and dry, you need to cut it off.If the branches and leaves are damaged and withered, they also need to be cut off.Then apply disinfectant to these cuts, which need to be dried before potting.

2. Specific Culture Methods

1. Illumination: It is fond of light plant, when just buying it, can bask in the sun for a short time, bask in an hour everyday can.It is best to put it in a place with soft light, do not expose it to high intensity light at once, nor can it be placed in the shade all the time.After it returns to normal growth, give it enough light.

2. Temperature: It likes to grow in a warm environment, and it is best to keep the temperature at 16-25 degrees Celsius at this time.It is not resistant to high temperature, if this is summer, when the temperature is higher than 30 C, it is necessary to do a good job of cooling treatment in time, you can properly sprinkle water around the basin to cool down.

3. Watering: It likes dry potting soil environment, in just bought back, just let the soil keep slightly some wet can, do not need to water often.But when it comes to the vigorous growth period, it needs to increase the amount of watering, and often spray water to it, in order to increase the humidity of the air, which is more conducive to its growth.

4. Fertilization: When it was just bought back, the growth rate is relatively slow, and fertilization needs to be temporarily stopped.After it resumes growth, some nitrogen and potassium fertilizers can be applied as appropriate, usually once every 10-15 days.


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