How to raise the roots of Clivia seedlings? How to raise the seedlings to grow fast

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Soil-fed bamboo should be watered according to the season. If in spring and autumn, the growth season, the water demand should be watered frequently, found that the soil surface dry on the water supplement. In summer, when the temperature is high and the water loss is fast, the frequency and quantity should be increased. And also sprinkle water to increase humidity. Winter temperature is too low, its growth rate is slow, consumption of water is also less, to control water, do not dry without watering, to avoid frostbite.

1. Soil

Breathable substrate should be used for breeding Clivia miniata. The soil for flowers should not be too hard, and the rotten leaf soil, garden soil and rice husk ash can be mixed.If there are impurities or insect eggs or pathogens in the soil, they must be disinfected before planting seedlings, so as not to affect their growth in the later stage.

2. Ventilation

When the plant is still in the seedling state, it must not be kept in a place where the air is circulating in the house, which will not only hinder its growth, but may also cause diseases and pests.Therefore, you can move out of the room when the weather is good, and you can also open doors and windows regularly to breathe.

3. Sunshine

Clivia has a low requirement for light, especially when the seedlings are young, they can not be irradiated by strong light.Try to put it in an environment with astigmatism, good sunshine environment helps it grow new leaves better.

4. Hydration

Ensuring that the soil for flowers is moist is a prerequisite for the growth of the root system of the plant seedlings. If the soil is always dry, the root system will not take root.Water in time to keep the soil relatively wet, but without water.

5. Temperature

In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to adjust the temperature between 15-30 , grow in a suitable environment, whether roots or leaves, the growth rate is relatively fast.When the temperature is too high, we need to cool down reasonably, and in winter, we should pay attention to keeping warm and avoid being blown by cold wind.

Clivia miniata

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