What attention does lotus breed aquatics have, can you put indoor balcony?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Clivia repotting time in the spring and autumn, when it is suitable for growth, repotting after taking the pot will be faster, not in the summer and winter extreme weather. When repotting, if it has too many roots and is rotten and dry, it needs to be pruned properly. But if the root system grows well, it is not necessary to cut the root. After pruning, disinfection should be carried out to avoid rotten roots after planting.

1. Precautions for Breeding

1. Ensure sunshine: Sunshine is an important factor to maintain the growth of lotus. It is a plant with strong photophilia. In the process of growth and maintenance, pay attention to maintaining good sunshine. The growth period also needs full illumination. The time to receive sunshine should not be less than 4 hours a day. It is best to ensure 7-8 hours of illumination. It can be placed outdoors in a place with good light, which can promote healthy growth. The number of blooms is constant.

2, fertile soil: Lotus growth needs to provide fertile soil, but not too sticky.Pond mud in the original environment can be selected to meet the original growth needs.Can also use garden soil, loess, yellow sand self-preparation, Ph value maintained at 6.5-7.5 is better.

3. Reasonable fertilization: Lotus is also a flower with strong fertilizer preference, so a certain amount of base fertilizer should be added when mixing soil. Reasonable fertilization should be applied in the later growth, and the concentration of fertilization should be paid attention to, and thick fertilizer should not be applied.

4, water quality clean: to maintain good water quality clean, regular replacement of the water inside, do not make the water too turbid.

5. Prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests: If the lotus is not well maintained, it may be infected with plant diseases and insect pests. Pay attention to ventilation prevention at ordinary times, and spray insecticide treatment in time after occurrence.

2. can be placed on the indoor balcony?

Lotus needs light very strong, it is best to keep outdoor, can also be kept in the indoor Nanyang Taiwan, must ensure good light.


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