Gardenia how to spend the winter safely, Gardenia winter flowering?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It is better to choose a good flowerpot before potting, and it is better to use a muddy pottery pot, and the soil should also be acidic. After careful disinfection, put the newly bought Rhododendron into the pot, bury the root system and wait for it to adapt to the new environment. When potting, let the root system stretch out, entanglement will affect its growth. If you want the plant to blossom faster, you should do a good job of water and fertilizer supplement, and the humidity of cultivation should not be too low.

1. how to spend the winter safely

1. Ensure the temperature: Gardenia has a certain cold tolerance. The temperature in winter in the southern region is on the high side. Gardenia planted outdoors generally will not be frostbitten and can resist a little frost.The situation in the north is different, the outdoor temperature is relatively cold, most areas can be less than 0 degrees Celsius, so it is necessary to move indoors, control the temperature above 5 degrees Celsius, but also normal growth, generally the north has heating, so this can be met.

2. Increase sunlight: The growth of gardenia needs sunlight, especially in winter. At this time, the light intensity outside is not strong. It can be placed in a place with good sunlight. Maintain more than 6 hours of light every day. The irradiation of sunlight can not only promote the growth, but also increase the temperature.

3. Reduce watering: Gardenia likes to be wet, but it grows slowly in winter. It is difficult to absorb too much water. Wait until the potting soil is dry before watering, and lengthen the frequency of watering.However, the winter environment is dry, you can spray water on the leaves properly.

4. Reduce fertilization: Winter is not a period of vigorous growth, basically do not need to fertilize, you can also apply a little fertilizer.

Does it bloom in winter

If the temperature at home is high, gardenia may blossom in winter, it is best to control the temperature, do not let it blossom in winter.


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