Gardenia is fond of acid still be fond of alkali, can gardenia bask in the sun

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Planting Rhododendron seedlings should choose a good time, from the Autumn Equinox to Qingming before the best. The soil should also be clean, breathable and nutritious, otherwise the root system will be easily suffocated. On the premise of not damaging its root system, it is planted in the soil, the root system is buried with soil and pressed, and the root fixing water is poured. When planting, it should not be too close, so as not to affect its growth.

1. acid or base

Gardenia is a plant that likes acidic environment. Only when the growth environment remains acidic, can Gardenia grow vigorously and the amount of flowers can be guaranteed.When maintaining, you need to provide acidic soil, when mixing soil, you can add a little retted pine sawdust, watering is best to use rainwater, so as to maintain acidity, you can also add a little vinegar, ferrous sulfate, citric acid and so on in tap water.

Gardenia is difficult to grow normally in alkaline environment, which will lead to yellowing of leaves, weakening of growth, failure to blossom normally, and even death.Especially in the northern region, because the soil and water tend to be alkaline, so attention should be paid to the maintenance, as far as possible to create an acidic growth environment for plants.

2. can you bask in the sun

Gardenia can bask in the sun, it is a kind of plant that likes sufficient sunshine, ensure sufficient light irradiation, can synthesize nutrient through photosynthesis.The illumination intensity of different season is different, want to be distinguished somewhat so, spring autumn season is lying to grow the period of rapid, need gives it sufficient illumination, put the place with bright light, summer assures good sunshine, but because illumination is too strong, cannot insolate so, the winter should be put in the place with strong light, more contact sunshine illuminate.


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