Gardenia is fond of water still be fond of dry, what can be added when water

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In general, cuttings or grafted Rhododendron seedlings may blossom in the same year, or in the second year or longer. If you sow and propagate, you usually have to wait for 4 or 5 years. If you want it to bloom faster, you need to ensure that the maintenance environment is suitable. The price of seedlings is mainly affected by growth height, crown width and the number of purchases, generally between 0.3-2 yuan, and some between 6-12 yuan.

1. water or dry

Gardenia like warm and humid growth environment, more like water, so growth must pay attention to good watering, if not watered for a long time, will lead to pot soil dry crack, root system is difficult to absorb water, resulting in plant leaves yellow, stem soft, will affect growth.

Attention should be paid to the frequency of watering. In spring and autumn, it is OK to water every three days or so. In summer, the climate is relatively hot and dry, and the evaporation rate of water is relatively fast, so you can water every day. In winter, the climate is relatively cold, and the growth rate is relatively slow, so you can water every half a month.Although gardenia should be watered in time, it is necessary to control the amount of water, not excessive watering, to avoid water accumulation.

2. what can be added when watering

1. Rice washing water: Rice washing water is a common thing in daily life. The water after rice washing can be collected, sealed, decomposed, and fermented. After fermentation, a certain proportion of clear water can be added to water the gardenia flowers.

2. Vinegar: Gardenia likes acidic environment, so a little vinegar can be added to the water, especially in the north where the water and soil are alkaline, which needs to be neutralized by adding acidic substances.

3. Beer: It is also a good choice to add beer to water, which can supplement nutrients to gardenia and promote growth.


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